We are committed to produce products made of Thai herbs which meet the international quality standard. By carefully selecting fine raw materials from natural and produce them in Thai herbal medicinal process. Our process has been certified by Thai Food and Drug Administration, with using modern, clean and hygienic equipment in the production line. For safety to consumers, we take it as our most priority.

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Our determination is set to create quality herbal products. Adhere to Thai traditional herbal medicine recipes, apply to the production process. In making higher properties, different and unique product, “PO THONG” was created. The brand that immediately attracts users with the unique, cool, refreshing scent from a special herbal oil formula, well developed from our company expertise and experience.

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Raising Thai herbs up to international standard level, we bring traditional wisdom and further develop it with quality process, using modern machinery, researching, and improving till we meet international standard goal. Now we proudly distribute our product both in our regions and many countries around the world.

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Golden Argosy (Sam-pao-thong)

“Preserving the value of Thai wisdom”, the herbal balms (warm formula) which is still preserved the formula made from traditional medicinal recipes. It has been passed down generations since ancient times. “Sampaothong” is outstanding from its familiar healing properties, scent, and mild texture to Thai people for very long time.

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This extraordinary deodorant product was created with focusing on the safety to consumers as the first priority. Produced from natural ingredients, that has been selected from quality sources. This ensures our product is safe for users. Grace deodorizing property is at excellent level. More than 17 years of experience in customer understanding about this particular product, we add various natural ingredients into a variety of formulas, to meet user needs with different skin types, such as Tanaka, Aloe vera, Mangosteen peel, etc.

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