Alum, beauty heritage from ancient to present


Alum has been in Thais daily life for a long time. In ancient times, our ancester who did not water facility as today, relied on natural source water such stream, river or kept rainwater. They used alum chunk to sway in these un-purified water, leave it for the sediment to be clustered and sunk down, to get clean, clear water for drinking, cooking and bathing. Besides, alum can be used in various daily life routines, for example deodorizing on armpits and feet, also used as a common home remedy.




The ancient Thai medicinal recipe say, Alum has healing properties for minor cut wounds, stop bleeding, reduce swollen, oral-gum infectious disease, toothache reliever by gargling the alum solution, stabilize the unhealthy teeth, normalize menstrual period, cure gonorrhea, chronic gonorrhea and can be a diuretic agent.

        Scientifically, Alum (ALUM, Aluminum Sulphate) contains Aluminum and Sulfate, as the main elements. Alum can be divided into two types:
1. Clear – colorless crystalized type; Ammonium alum and Potassium alum.
2. Solid opaque white type; called Aluminum sulfate.


        Both types can be used in the same direction, in the water supply industry,  paper industry, tanning industry, fabric dyeing industry, etc.


Also in the beauty business, Alum has an excellent anti-perspirant property, antibacterial, and tighten pores. Therefore, it can be used to deodorize on all body parts, especially armpits and feet for all day long.
Alum is a colorless and odorless crystal. It can not penetrate through the skin cell, therefore it safes for all skin types, does not stain clothes and non-toxic to the environment.

With hemostatic properties which can heal minor wounds and scratched skin, men can apply Alum after shaving for reducing irritation and stop the bleeding from razor cut. It also can be applied on the heels to treat cracked and chipped heels skin, and preventing cracked heel

The uses of Alum is truly a folk wisdom that has been passed down from generation to generation.





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