Esldpagpon, the miracle of herb


Esldpagpon is a synonym for 2 types of herbal plants, Male Esldpagpon. and the Female Esldpagpon. They are different in that, the male Esldpagpon has stem thorns with yellow flowers. The female Esldpagpon stems are thornless with red-orange flowers. In order not to be confused, many textbook are called the Female Esledpagpon as “Phaya-Yo” (Clinacanthus nutans) or “Phaya-Plongthong”, then the Male Esldpagpon having weaker medicinal properties than the female Esldpagpon. Thai ancient medicinal textbooks are widely used in traditional recipe to make medicine. The most common seen medicine is “herbal balm”.



Properties of EsldPhangphon

The pharmacological profile of Esldpagpon female (Clinacanthus nutans) showed outstanding anti-inflammatory properties. In the roots were Betulin, Lupeol, β-sitosterol. In leaves were Flavonoids which have also anti-inflammatory effect, Monoglycosyl diglycerides such as 1, 2-O-dilinolenoyl-3-O-b-d-Glucopyranosyl-sn-glycerol and Glycoglycerolipids which has an inhibitory effect on Herpes virus. Now the Government Pharmaceutical Organization produces the treatment cream for Herpes and Shingles from this herb.



Clinacanthus nutans balm

From the ancient wisdom, created this herbal recipe balm for relieving aches, pains and relaxing. Additional properties is to reduce rashes, itching, relieve insect bites.  Clinacanthus nutans balm became a household remedy for most Thai people, for any resident. And nowadays it is also popular in many countries as well.

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