Nourishment for soft, smooth and clear skin of ASEAN women


Tanaka is the skin nourishment of Burmese women for over 1000 years.

          Mostly Burmese resident has Tanaka wood planted in-housed. The bark of at least 15 years aged Tanaka tree will be finely grounded and mixed with water, then apply on body and facial skin. For sunray protective, anti- fungal, reduce inflammation, acne, rashes, oiliness, and wrinkles. It makes body skin soft, smooth, clear, and deodorizing. From many beauty benefits, most Burmese women apply Tanaka powder on their face every day, creating unique facial whiteness. Some add extras to draw beautiful patterns such as leaves, flowers, spirals or hearts, etc.



          For Thai girls in ancient time, Tanaka is also used as a skin care product. It is called “Kra-jae” in Thai, finely grounded and mixed with grounded sandalwood, to add aromatic scent, and called “Sandalwood Krachae”.”




The Tanaka beauty benefit is not just word-of-mouth, but there are certified researches say Tanaka contains Marmesin which can filter UV, reducing the deterioration of skin cells, antioxidant, prevent bacteria growth which reduce skin inflammation. It also contains Arbutin, that inhibits “Tyrosinase” enzyme, reducing dark circles and spots.  

          The research study say, Tanaka has a very low toxicity. Therefore, it is safe for use on all skin types, all ages, and even on baby skin.

          Nowaday, Tanaka is famous for being a young lady’s cosmetics in ASEAN countries, especially both Myanmar and Thailand. Tanaka powder can be applied directly on skin, or be a component of various skin care and beauty products.


Tanaka is from head to toe the beauty and fragrant skin nourishment.


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